Epic Announces Downtime For Fortnite Season 2


Epic has formally reported the personal time for Season 2. Discover when you should set your caution!

It’s here, folks. It’s at long last here! Following five months and a few postponements, we’re at long last gazing intently at the barrel of another Fortnite season.

The last bit of the riddle was the declaration of personal time for Season 2. Indeed, the Fortnite Status Twitter account gave us that, today. No more deferrals, no more BS; simply new substance.

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The downtime for Chapter 2 Season 2 will begin at 4 AM EST (0900 UTC) on February 20.

With the downtime beginning at 4 AM, we can assume that the servers will be down for at least two hours. New seasons are always large patches, so they often take longer than updates do.

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Two hours of downtime might be enough, but there’s a chance that we don’t see the new season until around 7 AM EST. The early grinders should be up at around 6 AM, to be sure.

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