Team Rumble To Get A Massive Upgrade In Fortnite Season 2


Fortnite Season 2 is under 24 hours away. Group Rumble fans will be glad to find out about these changes.

Group Rumble is a long way from the most serious mode in Fortnite. Truth be told, it’s the specific inverse of rivalry. It tends to be a decent difference in pace game mode or a place of refuge for those hoping to finish their difficulties.

There are a couple of issues with Team Rumble that smother the enjoyment that can be had right now. The greatest issue is the Glider Re-Deploy thing. This was added to Team Rumble when the thing was accessible in all modes, however that day has since a long time ago passed.

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Presently, it appears to be senseless to have Glider Re-Deploy take up an opening that could be in any case utilized for something different.

According to Fortnite data miners @ShiinaBR, the Glider Re-Deploy issue will be addressed in Fortnite Season 2. Epic isn’t stopping there, however. They’re reportedly making a plethora of changes to Team Rumble which will make the mode more enjoyable.

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First and foremost, Epic is removing all common and uncommon weapons along with bandages. This will immediately make the loot pool more consistent. They will also turn of skill-based matchmaking, increase the elimination goal, and grant 150 of each material at the start of the match.

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