Raw Fury To Publish Cinematic Noir Game Backbone


Non mainstream investigator experience Backbone will be on the beat at some point in 2021, yet there’s a free demo accessible at this point.

Autonomous engineer EggNut has banded together with Raw Fury to distribute their up and coming analyst game, Backbone. The noir experience will show up on PC through Steam in 2021.

Spine is a tragic noir-motivated criminologist game scheduled to dispatch on Steam one year from now. You play as Howard Lotor, a raccoon and experienced private detective working in a tragic rendition of Vancouver. The city is populated with human creatures battling with social imbalance.

Spine Reveal Trailer


Spine takes motivation from both exemplary CRPGs and point-and-snap experiences. The game highlights an advanced pixel-craftsmanship stylish, fanning exchange, and stealth-based riddle illuminating. You will probably gather prove and follow prompts reveal reality covered up in the shadows of the city.

A noir-enlivened analyst game like Backbone is nothing if not climatic, and the designers guarantee to convey. “The amazing mix of high goals pixel craftsmanship and 3D impacts like powerful lighting, storming heavily, volumetric haze and neon lights breath life into the rambling city,” says the game’s Steam page.

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Spine will discharge on Steam at some point in 2021. In any case, an allowed to-play demo of the Backbone: Prologue is as of now accessible on Steam as a different download. The demo has gotten “overwhelmingly positive” audits since its discharge in April 2019. To become familiar with Backbone, head over to the EggNut site for refreshes.

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