Here Are The Last Big PS4 Exclusives Being Coming In 2020 Ahead The PS5 Is Out


The next generation of video games is in case you didn’t know Upon us! Ahead of the year is done, we’ll be getting our mitts on the PS5, and also the Xbox Series X. Now before PS4 players do this, there’s still a great deal of PS4 exclusives made to be performed, and the significant PS4 exclusive 2020 listing rounded up which you need to check before the PS5 releases!

Notice These are PS4 console exclusive, and some of the games listed here Can be performed on PC, but that does not lessen their effect or status. Also, release dates are subject to change, so don’t blame us if some of The launch dates here are transferred.

Dreams (February 14, 2020)

Behind the minds Media Molecule, which is best known for the LittleBigPlanet franchise, Dreams is more of a game creator inside of a game than a regular game. Sony’s “Play, Create and Share” tagline is apt, as Dreams features user-generated content that can be shared to other gamers.


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (February 14, 2020)


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the second update for Street Fighter V, and includes several gameplay and balance changes, and includes the addition of a second V-Skill for fighters, as well as all the characters, stages, costumes and more released through Season 4. In short: this is the definitive edition of Street Fighter V to get (for now, at least).

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