How to turn Decoy fireball. into 450 materials in Fortnite


Enemies drop 50 of each material type Whenever they, as most players know Perish in this mode. This also applies to decoys. Materials all drop when they die.

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This Led to gamers building decoys to a box and picking up their substances. The only problem was you had to do this one at a time. Otherwise, substances would be picked up by the status decoys from the ones that are dead.


If you construct your decoys then you’d only walk off with a Total of 150 materials — nothing to sneeze at, but not the best volume.

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Reddit user u/nollerbtw Posted a chunk of a strategy their friend found. Rather than building a Letting and box the decoys go , he put it Materials lost.
With this technique, you want to construct a box using a ramp. Drop as Small as one type of each material under the ramp, then toss the grenades. The Decoys will spawn on the other side of the ramp. When they Perish, the materials will be sucked underneath.

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