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In case you’re managing covering from a few sets and look a wreck, here’s the means by which to get the Geralt and Ciri layered protection in Monster Hunter World.

Beast Hunter World offers players a plenty of layered defensive layer for them to tweak the presence of their trackers. Remembered for that bundle is the capacity for players to change their appearance to look like both Geralt and Ciri, two unmistakable characters in The Witcher arrangement of books, games, and now the Netflix network show. Today, we’ll tell you the best way to open the Geralt and Ciri layered protection so you can kill the brutes of Monster Hunter world in style.

Geralt and Ciri Layered Armor

Getting the Geralt and Ciri layered covering in Monster Hunter World requires hopping through two or three starter loops. Players must finish the Level 9 Special Assignment Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest. This mission can be begun by conversing with a couple of NPCs crouched together close to the journey board in Astera. When you address them, they will take you to the Research Base, and from that point players will set out on a solitary player mission as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3. Complete that mission to open the following stage.

Finishing that mission will open a Level 9 Event journey called Contract: Woodland Spirit. This mission has matchmaking, so make certain to fire a SOS when you hit the ground and get past a true to life. Right now, will battle an Ancient Leshen, and it’s quite serious. At the point when you complete this mission, cut the monster and check your after-journey rewards. What you’re searching for is something many refer to as a Mutagen. When you get the Mutagen, take it to the Smithy and pick Forge, at that point Layered Armor. This will allow you to make the Geralt and Ciri layered protection in Monster Hunter World.

The catch here is that one Mutagen is required for each set, so you need two. Fortunately, you can run the Contract: Woodland Spirit mission the same number of times as you’d prefer to cultivate for it. We were sufficiently fortunate to get two Mutagens on our first endeavor, which means we hypothetically won’t have to run that mission once more.

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