How to Get Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

After countless hours, Saint-14’s favourite weapon is yours for the taking, all thanks to its guardians who didn’t sleep.

A new exotic weapon can be obtained for Guardians to go later, all thanks to countless hours of the Destiny 2 Community solving an elaborate mystery in the Corridors of Time. This guide will demonstrate how to get Bastion, the Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.

Ways to Get Bastion

Bastion is an Exotic Fusion Rifle the Destiny two community has known about for a while now and is now available for gamers to get. The first step would be to complete the Corridors of Time quest. This quest tasks you To begin the quest for Bastion. Once, you reach the tomb and pay your Respects, you are going to receive the Chromatic Weapon Core. Return to Saint-14 In the Tower to begin the pursuit, Memento — A False Refraction.

Memento – Spoken Word

After talking with Saint-14, your next task will be to defeat Fallen Captains and Servitors in the Tangled Shore. Head to Thieves’ Landing as this is the best spot to take down Fallen Captains and Servitors. You will need to take down a total of five to collect the necessary intel to finish the quest.

Memento – Lost Connection

Once you have collected the five pieces of intel, head to Spider as he would like to talk to you. Spider is very quid pro quo, so you know you’ll probably be taking someone out in return for his help.

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