One Player Shows How Rare Target Have Become In Fortnite

Most players believe Epic has decreased the number of defenses in Fortnite. This clip comes close to demonstrating the concept true.

Epic eventually released patch notes for the first time in Chapter 2. They maintained them obscure and did not get into any of the specific changes they were making to the match.

Despite their communication, we’ve gone upgrades without knowing if Epic tweaked the numbers or whether particular components had stayed the same. This is no more evident than on shields’ topic.

Has Epic reduced the number of shields in Fortnite? It certainly feels that way. The methodology behind reducing shields is understandable as well. Epic wants us to go fishing.

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One unlucky Fortnite player brought this issue to the forefront with a compilation on Reddit. u/Brogan0 posted a two-minute video of a game in which he opened 24 chests with 0 mini shields.

For those keeping track, Brogan0 opened 17 chests before seeing his first big shield. Opening t24 chests in a single game is a feat by itself – let alone opening so many without finding any minis.

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It wasn’t until Brogan0 killed a player that he found his first mini shield. That’s singular; as in one mini.

Has Epic reduced the spawn rate of shields? We can’t tell for sure. With a clip like this, though, it’s hard to argue that they didn’t change something.

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