Epic Secretly Buffed Campfires In Fortnite v11.20


Epic might have finally released Fortnite patch notes, but that does not mean everything. Have a look at this secret campfire buff in Fortnite v11.20.

Epic Games has finally unvaulted the Fortnite spot notes! For the first time in Fortnite Chapter 2, we saw that a list of official modifications that Epic made to the match.

These patch notes are bare-bones alterations, however, and don’t cover all the in-game alterations. As an example, the patch notes reference a Tactical Shotgun headshot change but never got into the specifics of their new amounts.

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It wasn’t long before players started to notice unannounced changes in Fortnite v11.20. The clearest of which is.


This is a minor change, but there was an even bigger one lurking under the surface. Epic added a substantial buff to Campfires that allow you to heal twice as fast.

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Most people know that you can reuse a Campfire by adding 300 wood. Now, though, you can add 30 more wood to stoke the flames and heal even faster.

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