Fortnite ‘Bring Back Patch Notes’ Petition Nearing 10,000 Signatures

Fortnite players are fed up with the lack of communication from Epic Games and therefore are signing a petition to bring back the Fortnite patch notes.

Six weeks and several spots into Fortnite Chapter 2 have brought us a total of 0 Fortnite patch notes from Epic Games. The neighborhood is currently stirring, with recurrent posts to Twitter and Reddit whining about the lack of communication from the programmer.

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Participants have resorted to relying on community-driven unofficial Fortnite patch notes to learn what’s changed, but we’re almost certainly missing some smaller changes that are difficult to notice.

The worst part of all of this is that Epic hasn’t told us anything. They’re acting like nothing’s changed and haven’t given us any reason behind their lack of Fortnite patch notes and an apparent freefall of overall communication.

We want patch notes

The Fortnite news account @FNBRHQ has created a petition to bring back the Fortnite patch notes. As of this writing, the petition has over 9,700 signatures and counting.

The number of signatures on this topic is enough to raise eyebrows, but that might be it. Epic knows that we want the patch notes and don’t seem to care.

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“Patch Notes are crucial for the future of the game, and it’s something that unites the developer, (in this case Epic Games) and the player base,” the petition states.

“If the players of the game are not informed on what changes are being made, their decisions will remain private and therefore, the game won’t be able to evolve or improve. Players can’t judge a change if they haven’t been informed of it.”

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