Search the Hidden “T” in Fortnite Quirk Shot Loading Screen


Recognize the “T” in the Trick Shot stacking screen? Here’s the place to discover it in-game.

In the event that you’ve constantly finished eight of the Trick Shot difficulties in Fortnite, at that point it’s a great opportunity to discover and gather the concealed letter in the Trick shot stacking screen. Not to be mistaken for the other covered up “T” in Fortnite, this letter is the one explicitly for finishing the Trick Shot difficulties. We’ll give you where to detect the letter in the stacking screen and where to look the covered up “T” in-game.

Shrouded Letter “T” in Trick Shot Loading Screen


The Trick Shot stacking screen portrays the 8-Ball and Scratch characters going head to head close to a stream. On the off chance that you take a gander at the extension out yonder, you can see the blue letter “T” drifting underneath the scaffold’s wood bars.


The scene in the Trick Shot loading screen takes place along the river that runs through Weeping Woods. Look for the bridge near the northern edge of the named location, in map grid section C5. The hidden letter “T” should appear as you get closer. Search the letter and complete the match normally to round out the last task for the Trick Shot challenge set.


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