How to get Fortnite’s new enigma Legendary weapon from v10.40 update

Epic Games have included another Legendary weapon in Fortnite, however there is just a single explicit way players can get it in Starry Suburbs.

The v10.40 update in Fortnite, which went live on September 25, presented a whirlwind of new substance and changes in the well known fight royale.

One of the oddities from the fix was Starry Suburbs, another focal point on the guide that is found only north of Pleasant Park.

The area is one more Rift Zone, changing the overview region into a really decent neighborhood, and one where meteorites really crash down into.

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It’s those stars that are the key to opening the new “at no other time seen” weapon, which is really a gold Legendary variation of the Tac SMG.

In order to gain access to this weapon, players must visit Starry Suburbs and crush a down shooting star, and hope to get lucky with whatever “powerful item” the star ends up yielding.

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You can see what that process looks like in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber ‘Cultured Vultures.’ (Starting at the 2:05 mark for mobile users)

Already considered to be one of the strongest weapons in Fortnite, the Tac SMG receiving a Legendary variant only takes things to another level.

According to an image for the gun found by prominent data miner HYPEX, the gold SMG does 21 point of damage per shot, contains 35 round clips, and has a reload time of 2.07 seconds.

The Legendary Tactical SMG looks like a very powerful option in Fortnite (HYPEX)

While the impact of this new weapon to the game’s balance remains to be seen, some are questioning the timing of its introduction, as it came just days before the massive $1.2 million Twitch Rivals tournament is set to take place at the upcoming TwitchCon event.

Nevertheless, Epic adding potentially game-changing things in Fortnite ahead of major tournaments is nothing new, and players have to just try and adapt the best they can.

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