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An Summary of This Titan Exotic helmet, the One-Eyed Mask, and Also how to use it in Crucible and PVE Actions.

The One-Eyed Mask is most likely among the most controversial parts of Exotic armor in Destiny two . For quite a while, this Titan helmet reigned supreme from the Crucible. It enabled their competitors to crush . It is still a viable solution for anyone willing to utilize it while it’s undergone a few changes.
One-Eyed Mask, Titan Exotic Helmet

The One-Eyed Mask may not be as strong as it once was, but it is still a powerhouse and also a fantastic Exotic. © Guide Stash

One-Eyed Mask is a brand new Titan Exotic Helmet which has been inserted to Destiny Two together with all the Forsaken Content fall in 2018. Since its launch, it’s mastered the Crucible meta, providing an unbelievable pool of wellbeing where to draw to Titans.

It is still a viable alternative as a result of its perk while it has been nerfed to a nation that is different.
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Vengeance — Marks the enemy which dares to harm you. Track down and destroy your enemy to get health regeneration and harm.


Vengeance Is a perk that functions everywhere, but could be frightening in Crucible to your competitors. They will get marked, another player deals damage to you. If you conquer them and can track down them, you may benefit health regeneration and will be given a buff.

In prior versions of Destiny two , One-Eyed Mask also contained an overhshield on kill. This was eliminated in the conclusion of Season of the Undying because it was too strong. This doesn’t render the helmet a mess that is simpering.

Finest Method to Utilize Mask

The One-Eyed Mask is beneficial in the Crucible in addition to PVE actions that are normal. In PVE, having the ability to get health regeneration after beating is priceless. It permits a Titan to remain in the fight more.

There Are dozens of enemies in PVE coping damage this means you be proccing your wellbeing. In addition to this, you’ll continually deal damage.

In Terms of the The applications of one-Eyed Mask it’s still a force. When coping with a scenario that is one-versus-two, if you’re able to kill 1 participant, you may heal and obtain the harm enthusiast, which makes you a much greater danger for the competitor.

When one participant is just defeated by you, that the player is ensured by the bonus harm.


All Titans should consider incorporating the Mask armor line-up. It provides some though it obtained a nerf Appealing bonuses, which makes you a danger that is true and equipped to keep On combating in PVE. Check out the Destiny Two archive for more Exotic armor hints.

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