Geomag Stabilizers, Warlock Exotic Boots – Destiny 2


An overview of the Warlock Exotic boots, Geomag Stabilizers, and how best to utilize them in PVE and in the Crucible.

The Geomag Stabilizers are another pair of Warlock Exotic boots added to Destiny 2 with Forsaken. These Stormcaller-explicit boots are very viable at decimating both PVE managers just as gatherings of rivals in Crucible. Regardless of whether you’re thinking about whether you should get them from Xur or begin utilizing them in Gambit, we have the responses for how to utilize them successfully!

Geomag Stabilizers, Warlock Exotic Boots

The primary advantage on the Geomag Stabilizers, Close Enough, permit Warlocks to get their Chaos Reach Super quicker and expands its span when hitting a foe. © Guide Stash

The Geomag Stabilizers are another expansion to the Destiny 2 universe, presented in 2018 with the arrival of Forsaken. These boots are magnificent for the hostile form Arc Warlock, explicitly the Attunement of Control with the Chaos Reach Super.

Extremely, these boots are just going to be acceptable on center tree Warlock. The main explanation you would wear these on another subclass is on the off chance that they’re you’re most noteworthy Power thing and you have no mixture materials.

The motivation behind why you need to utilize these with Chaos Reach is that their sole capacity is intended for Chaos Reach:

Close Enough – When Chaos Reach Super vitality is practically full, dashing finishes it off. Harming foes with Chaos Reach broadens its term.


The initial segment of the advantage, Close Enough, permits you to fill your Super by basically dashing. This comes in to impact when your Super is somewhere in the range of 75 and 80 percent charged. Begin dashing and you will see the advantage spring up on screen and your Super bar will start to fill.

The subsequent component is the thing that you will probably be utilizing the Geomag Stabilizers for. At the point when you harm a foe with Chaos Reach, the term of its impact is expanded. While assaulting a chief, Chaos Reach will keep going for an unfathomable measure of time. It should twofold the term, which means you’re ready to get out more harm.

The Geomag Stabilizers have an amazing adornment, making them seem as though cyberpunk boots. © Guide Stash

The main way you can bomb when utilizing Geomag Stabilizers is in case you’re utilizing an inappropriate subclass, not run to finish off Chaos Reach, or in the event that you neglect to bargain harm to foes. In saying this, there are some prescribed procedures for utilizing Geomag Stabilizers.

At last, the best time to utilize Geomags is during PVE content, for example, Nightfalls, assaults, and Strikes. The Chaos Reach Super will strip supervisors separated.

As far as utilizing these boots in Crucible or PVP, they really sparkle in Gambit and Gambit Prime. At the point when you accumulate enough Primeval Slayer stacks, you can bargain more than 50 percent of the Primeval’s wellbeing in one go.

Shockingly, they’re not excessively valuable in standard Crucible. It’s uncommon you will have the option to bargain enough harm to exploit the all-inclusive span buff. In any case, it helps you get a Super somewhat quicker gratitude to the dashing impact.


Despite the fact that Geomag Stabilizers aren’t as reasonable in Crucible, they completely overwhelm in PVE and Gambit game modes. With supported harm, you’re ready to soften managers in a flash. Investigate the Guide Stash Destiny 2 document for considerably progressively Exotic reinforcement inclusion!

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