Where to Collect Visitor Recordings in Fortnite

Earn some Fast Season XP by completing this Out of Time Battle in Fortnite Season X.

Fortnite Season X is currently coming to a conclusion, and there is a new list of Out of Time challenges to finish for players seeking to make some last-minute XP. The complimentary Out of Time challenges require players to accumulate visitor recordings at six different locations in Fortnite. Follow our guide below to discover where to accumulate each guest recording so you can make some simple Season XP for Battle Royale.

The visitor records you’re searching for are small cassette tapes that are found in several rift zones during Battle Royale. Collecting every visitor recording at Fortnite Will reward you with additional Season XP to boost your Battle Royale Season Amount. Below, we’ll explain that you understand where to go, where to collect each visitor recording.
Visitor Recording — Retail Row

The Visitor recording in Retail Row is located inside the bookstore on the East side of the region. In the bookshop, you can find and gather the Visitor upstairs to the second floor. You’re looking for a Small cassette tape that resembles the one from the picture below.

Here’s the top-down view of the area with the tape location circled, for reference:

Visitor Recording – Floating Island

The Floating Island in Fortnite tends to move around, so we can only tell you where we found the island. Currently, the Floating Island is found in the desert just south of Moisty Palms, but it could relocate by the time you attempt this challenge. You will have to look at the in-game map to locate the Floating Island in Battle Royale. Try to land on the Floating Island at the start of the match so that you can quickly collect the visitor recording and be on your way.

Once you’re on the Floating Island, search the northeast side of the island for a yellow pickup truck. In the bed of the truck, you’ll find the visitor recording cassette tape. Interact with the tape to collect it for the challenge. Here’s where to go on the island:

Visitor Recording – Moisty Palms

You can find the Moisty Palms visitor recording on top of the tall hotel on the west side of the town. Your best bet would be to land directly on top of the building to collect the tape and then continue down the stairs.

Visitor Recording – Greasy Grove

To find the visitor recording in Greasy Grove, head to the restaurant on the west side of town. The tape will be on one of the diner tables to the right of the ordering counter.

If you’re landing from the Battle Bus, here’s where you need to go:

Visitor Recording – Starry Suburbs

The next Out of Time challenge visitor recording is found in the Starry Suburbs rift zone, which is to the southeast of Junk Junction. The tape is upstairs on the top floor of the brick building. Search the bedroom in the northeast corner to find the tape on the bed.

Here’s where to go. It’s the brick building just south of the one under construction.

Visitor Recording – Gotham City

Finally, the last visitor recording is found in the Gotham City rift zone, formerly known as Tilted Towers, etc. The visitor recording tape will be on the ground just outside of the Monarch movie theater on the west end of town.

When looking for the tape, keep an eye out for a sign that reads, “The Final Reckoning.” We’ve circled the location below.

After you have successfully collected both visitor recordings in Fortnite, you will complete this Out of Time challenge and boost your Season Level. Be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides to finish up any other Season X challenges you may have missed.

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