Dance at Individual Telescopes in Fortnite


Here is where you can bust a move facing unique telescopes at Fortnite Season X.

Among the Storm Racers assignments in Fortnite Season X needs players to dance before telescopes that are unique, harkening back to the times of Season 3. There are 3 telescopes and you will want to dancing to finish this challenge. We’ll show you where to go in the manual below.
Dance in Different Telescopes at Fortnite


As we mentioned previously, players can find at least three telescopes on Fortnite’s Season X map. There are 3 telescopes enough. Ensure that you have a minumum of one dance emote or gesture before going out to go to with each telescope armed.

We’ve circled all three of the telescope places below. Here is where you can locate each telescope:

There is a telescope on the mountain leading southwest of Dusty Depot.
Another telescope is located atop the little mountain southeast of Shifty Shafts, in the border of their snow biome.
The previous telescope is located about the mountain east of this oasis in town, south west of Moisty Palms.

That is all there’s to it. As Soon as You have danced all three telescopes at Fortnite, This challenge will be completed by you. For gamers seeking to earn benefits, the mission’s prestige edition demands dancing facing two telescopes in one match. You’ll have to finish the normal Storm all Racers missions to unlock the prestige variations.
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Obviously, make sure you complete the match generally (do not leave early) to make sure that your attempts have been counted towards the assignment. Fortnite Season X is coming to a close, so make sure you check our other Fortnite guides to end up any last-minute battles you might have missed this year.

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