What to do with previous World Materials in Code Vein


Learn to use Old World Materials and in which you are able to throw them in Code Vein.

Old World Materials are among the several things to use in Code Vein. These small cogs fall from enemies but to use them is not very clear. If you wish to get your hands on some things that are precious, you will want to figure out exactly what to do with those Old World Materials.
Where to utilize Old World Materials

Old World Materials are. In exchange for all these products, you will be given items which may be exchanged with different personalities by Shang. The distinction here is that the things Shang trades with you’re utilized to raise the relationship status.

Old World Materials could be obtained to Shang and exchanged for valuables.

Exchange those things and to locate Shang, You’ll Need to:

Traveling to the Ruined City Underground
Teleport into the mistle from the Outer Crossroads
Locate Shang leaning against the wall
Buy any thing and You’ll use these gold gears

Farming Old World Materials

Trading These cogs to get valuables that are relationship-boosting is essential to getting products. As a result of this, getting too many of those gears is going to be significant. Farming Old World Materials is simple!


Any enemy you kill in Code Vein Has a chance. You be killing enemies to last, as you advance through locations. You can try moving in the Depths if you do not need to farm places differently. These dungeons are filled with enemies and every area differs, which aids with repeat.
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Figuring out exactly what to do with all the gold gears is nearly as difficult as exercising in which to go at the Ruined City Center. Luckily, now You Know you can utilize Old World Materials to exchange To farming, you can access with Shang for connection products! For More Code Vein guides, you are already in the ideal location.

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