GreedFall Review – A Superb Story with Some Rough Edges


GreedFall is a good RPG with a wonderful story and engaging battle that is only a little rough round the edges.

GreedFall Is your hottest roleplaying game by writer Focus Home Interactive and programmer Spiders. It’s available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, and stands out hit here in Guide Stash. Flying below the radar Spiders, for months has created an intriguing storyline full of intriguing characters and an new universe to explore. On the way, players can come across average fantasy tropes puzzles, along with a reasonable number of rough edges and annoyances. Fortunately, GreedFall is transported by its own story, which will hook you and keep you spent throughout. You will go through the normal fare of such as a company and party program, RPG mechanics, and also the romance choices that are token required in the RPG titles of today. Where GreedFall stands outside, apart from its own distinctive narrative, is its own strategic battle system, allowing for as much, or small, control in battle as you need. Let us take a good look at exactly what makes GreedFall a fantastic solution for anyone looking for a profound, long-form roleplaying game.
Explore Distant Shores in Search of a Cure

There is much to be viewed in GreedFall also it’s easy to spend hours in what’s basically the prologue. © Spiders / Focus Home Interactive

GreedFall Begins at a universe that’s eerily like 17th century Europe. The player takes on the function of a male or female heir into a family whose cousin is going to set off to some island to become the governor of Merchants’ Congregation. You originally devote a decent amount of time at the older world, getting acquainted with GreedFall’s mechanics and fundamental roleplaying elements. You fulfill with . A part of this Coin Guard, kurt, a firm having a honorable standing, will accompany you and has been a family . He will also be the first of a five companions that are potential your personality, Lady De Sardet or Lady, are going to have the ability to select from.

The world was fighting Named Malichor. This plague of unknown origin has no cure, and scientific and spiritual scholars are unable to discover a way. The expectation of the world rests that a solution will be, held by the newly found universe, an island called Teer Fradee. The island’s natives seem untouched by the Malichor but also are fond of the settlers. Another two big factions in GreedFall, The Bridge Alliance and Theleme, have settled significant cities around the island. This has led to battle, not only the natives, but also involving the factions. Something about faith and science being with one another.
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Your Function, Prince Constantin D’Orsay, alongside your cousin, isn’t only to Attempt to help out with finding a remedy for your Malichor but to maintain Connections civil on the staircase. A substantial part of GreedFall performs just like a political thriller, with keys and excitement lurking around each corner.

Conflict is Inevitable

Combat plays a critical role in GreedFall and its tactical combat system allows players to fine-tune each battle to their strengths. It’s easy to just blast through encounters, but there’s fun to be had in being strategic.

As you explore the environments of Teer Fradee, your hero will forge new relationships with a variety of companions. Each of your travel companions represents a typical RPG archetype, ranging from sorcerers to fighters. Choosing who will accompany you at any given time will greatly influence how combat and even conversations will play out.

GreedFall’s combat system is unique in the sense that will combat is conducted in realtime, you can enter a tactical pause to choose from a variety of spells, tactics, attack styles, and potions at any time. There is a large variety of gear and weaponry to choose from, and everything from an upgrade system to a crafting and potion making system is included here. There’s little doubt that you’ll be able to customize your combat experience to your style. With the help of your companions, your battles should be relatively easily won, given the right tactics. Unfortunately, your companions don’t always act as smartly as you’d think they should. Putting enemies in stasis, for example, renders them immovable, which is excellent for controlling the frequent onslaught of multiple monsters. Still, it seems as though your companions completely forget to target these temporarily frozen enemies. In most of my combat encounters, I felt like I did most of the fighting, and the companions were merely there for the ride. Perhaps that is the intent, however. After all, you are the star of the show here.

Like many good RPGs, GreedFall includes a variety of companions, each with their own backstories and romance options.


A reasonably complex system of skills, attributes, and talents fulfills another typical RPG requirement. Your character can be customized to your liking, by investing in a variety of different options, from agility, strength, and endurance to lockpicking, charisma, wisdom, and much more. You likely won’t gain enough experience in GreedFall to become an expert in all of these areas, so your playthrough experience will depend largely on the choices you make. Fortunately, you’re able to redo your options using a fairly easily available item.

The types of skills, attributes, and talents your character is proficient in will dictate many of the conversation and story choices you’re able to make along the way. Characters high in charisma may be able to convince would-be opponents to surrender, while those skilled in lockpicking can circumvent specific barriers in the game. In the grand scheme of things, however, no matter which way you spec your character, the narrative seems to be mostly on rails. Yes, you may choose to pick the lock on that door or kill the guard with the key, but the result is mostly the same. You’ll have to try pretty hard to change the outcome of events and whether or not other factions view you as trustworthy or combative.

This Could Have Used Some More Polish

As much as GreedFall grabbed my attention with its story and beautiful graphics, there are a fair amount of rough edges. Perhaps unfairly, GreedFall is easily compared to titles such as The Witcher 3 and Assassin’s Creed Origins or Odyssey. When viewed in comparison to those titles, there are significant shortcomings in GreedFall. While the environments are generally beautiful and detailed, I couldn’t shake a feeling of being locked into smaller regions. Yes, there is a lot of travel and a reasonable amount of exploration, but it pales by comparison. Voice actors are frequently reused, and the accent of the natives of Teer Fradee varies so widely that I’m not sure if different tribes are supposed to have different dialects, or if there’s just a lot of inconsistency in the production. Inexplicably, each of the three major factions’ governmental palaces have identical layouts and even portraits. It’s clear that a lot of things were copied and pasted, and after spending upwards of forty hours exploring the world, these things stick out like a sore thumb.

Clearly, a lot of this goes back to the smaller budget in place, and the overall outcome is that GreedFall is a magnificent achievement for a small development studio such as Spiders. The story itself is the real gem here, and while it’s arguably not incredibly unique, and the ending can be predicted relatively early on, it is nevertheless enjoyable. Much of the interactions between the various factions play out like a political soap opera with the player’s character pulling many of the strings. It’s like a guilty pleasure; unlikely to win any originality awards, but good old-fashioned fun.

The main draw in GreedFall is its story, and you’ll quickly desire to find out more about its world. This is when a lot of repetitive tasks start to get in the way of the fun.

GreedFall offers no shortage of side quests and missions, many of which devolve into simple grab and fetch quests. The real interesting quests come from the main storyline and your companions’ personal stories. It’s a real shame that unlike comparable games, GreedFall won’t allow you to complete these quests after finishing the game. Once you complete the penultimate mission, the game ends. The story does come to a tidy close, and you’ll feel reasonably satisfied with whatever ending you ended up with, but it’s a bit of a shame that you won’t be able to return to tie off various loose ends. I suppose the best advice I can give you is to take your time and explore all the side missions as you go. I hope you’ll have enough patience for when things get a bit repetitive.

You’ll Definitely Get Your Money’s Worth

GreedFall is an extremely pretty game, hampered by some limitations and comparisons to superior alternatives, but nevertheless well worth your time.

Overall, there’s a lot to like in GreedFall. It’s an enjoyable experience akin to Dragon Age, and similar titles, none of which we’ve had available to play lately. I’ve you’ve never experienced some of its bigger budget competititors, you won’t even know that there’s a bit of polish missing in Spiders’ latest offering. The multitude of endings and romance options may also make you consider replaying GreedFall several times, though I’m a bit hesitant considering that a large portion of the story will be the same, and frankly, not half as enjoyable the second or third time around. Will games ever give us a better way to experience different endings without replaying the entire game, I wonder?


If you’re in the mood for a classic RPG with lots of customization options, a wonderfully enjoyable story, a bit of intriguige, and a dash of tactical combat, then GreedFall will hit the mark.

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