Shadow and Spirit Ollie locations for Skye variants


Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to choose a group for Skye? Investigate the Ghost and Shadow Ollie areas to finish your week by week challenges.

Today denotes the second-to-last time that we’ll get the opportunity to pick a variation for our Season 2 Battle Pass characters. When you complete the week after week challenges, you’ll choose whether you need Skye and The Shark to be under Ghost or Shadow control.


Shadow appears to have been undeniably increasingly well known all through Season 2, and the Shadow variation of Skye is especially famous. There will without a doubt be some Ghost players, however, particularly when you think about the green pickaxe variation.

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Whichever group you pick, you will need to locate the particular Ollie for your group. Phantom Ollie can be found in the northern area of Frenzy Farm and Shadow Ollie can be found close to the eastern structure in Weeping Woods.

Both of the Ollie styles are out in the open and give a sound prompt when you draw near to them. They won’t be too hard to even consider finding once you realize where you’re going.

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Here’s a video from Fortnite Events for the individuals who are experiencing difficulty finding their favored style of Ollie and Skye.

Remember that you need to pick your group before dropping into a match. Ensure that you go to Skye’s storage and acknowledge your Ghost or Shadow crucial. Ollie won’t spring up, something else.

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In this way, there you have it – one bit nearer to finishing the entirety of the Ghost and Shadow variations. Tell us which group you picked in the remarks and on Twitter.

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