This Fortnite theory Strap Skye and Lynx together

This Fortnite hypothesis integrates two characters from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2: Lynx and Skye.

The associations between Fortnite Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were apparent the first occasion when we investigated the new guide. We have the returning POIs from Chapter 1, the Kevolution Energy Plant, and a picture of the Loot Lake vault showing up on a portion of the screens.

It’s indistinct whether we’re in an equal universe or if these universes are by one way or another associated. Plainly something is going on, here.

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There is some conspicuous hybrid between a portion of the characters in the two Chapters. Lynx can be found in the office and Midas has been gathering protective caps from past Fortnite seasons.

Reddit client u/Koooooomar has been all over these associations, attempting to draw an obvious conclusion regarding the new and old Chapters of Fortnite.

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As of late, he posted a layout that associated Sky, from Chapter 2 Season 2, to Lynx, from Chapter 1 Season 7. The slight likeness is self-evident – both have caps with feline ears on their base skin – yet it goes further than that.

In Skye’s storage, you can discover a Cattus versus Mech banner holding tight her divider, alongside a similar representation from Lynx’s Season 7 stacking screen. As most fans definitely know, Lynx had a picture of Meowscles five seasons before he was discharged, too.

There are some different similitudes, as the picture uncovers. Skye’s work area at The Shark is equivalent to Lynx’s work area in her stacking screen. Skye even has a picture of Kevin, which is justifiable if this world encountered their very own Kevin.

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Are these characters two forms of a similar individual? Skye doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be focused on the feline life, yet her outfit attracts a few similitudes to the base getup of Lynx in Season 7.

It’s indistinct whether these likenesses are huge or if it’s only an Easter Egg for curious fans. One thing’s without a doubt: we’ll be watching out for different similitudes between characters going ahead.

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