The overlong Dark was Inspired by Fallout 3

At a brief Noclip documentary, Raphael van Lierop, founder of The Long Black, disclosed the game was motivated by Fallout 3.
Fans that follow Raphael van Lierop, founder of The Long Dark, might have heard him speak about the Fallout franchise several times. He is obviously a fan of the show, but a current brief documentary by Noclip demonstrated that Fallout may be a significant impact on the game programmer than people recognize. As it happens, The Long Dark was greatly motivated by Fallout 3.

Raphael was not a lover of everything from Fallout 3, imagining that he found himself”Loving the quest and never enjoying the battle.” This makes a good deal of sense when you line it up with all the gameplay of The Long Dark. With areas to explore, each with tone and their terrain, players can devote a substantial amount of the time hunting and researching for equipment.

“I found myself wondering, how would you make an adventure that could be 95 percent about mining and discovery and recreating that sense of each single time you find a construction on the horizon that you wish to go in there, and each single time you start a locker you aspire to find something precious in there. I found that this type of persuasive part of the experience I asked myself would you truly create a game about that thought.”

If you want my opinion, van Lierop has performed well catching that discovery and exploration sense of Fallout 3 at The Long Dark and has remained true to his aim to not create the game about battle. In reality, The Long Dark includes just three key weapons from the game: a bow, a gun, and a revolver, each with various applications and properties which encourage the participant to have a thoughtful approach to what they need to carry and what they need to leave behind.

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