This Fortnite improving concept could help collection competitive events

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Epic may use this widely-praised decorative notion to help fund future events that are competitive.

Epic appeared to be quitting before everything closed down their official Fortnite casts. Fans are relying to throw events that were competitive or EmadGG to host parties.

Through Money Trainers and FNCS tournaments, Epic are dishing out prize cash instead of LAN events such as the World Cup.

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Some players grew annoyed with Epic, when they watched the prize pool divide. Mobile players in Europe had a opportunity to win more cash at NA-West, to compared to PC players.

Epic appear to be reluctant to announce a prize pool, although fortnite does not have any shortage of funds. We will not understand, although to be honest, they’ve had a strategy prior to the quarantine began.

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Fortnite trainer, ArcaneCG, had an interesting idea about the best way best to help fund future Fortnite tournaments. He implied that makeup are released by Epic for associations such as many others, along with Liquid, TSM NRG.

Then you will have a prize pool Should you combine 5% of Fight earnings and the earnings of those cosmetics .

Epic have been extremely generous with their prize pools, but seem to have been content to cut corners in the production department. Something like this could help generate the prize pool and allow Epic to spend some money on official casts.

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Organizations seem to be hot and cold on professional Fortnite. Ghost appears to be completely divesting in the game, while TSM and NRG continue to sign new players.

Fans would have the chance to buy a skin for their favorite organization with the knowledge that their purchase went towards the next competitive event. It’s a win-win and something that Epic should consider in the future.

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