World of Tanks VE Day-stimulate mode commemorate event’s 75th jubilee


A two-week celebratory occasion, motivated by the 75th anniversary of VE Day, is arriving to Planet of Tanks now, Wargaming has shown.

Road to Berlin, a brand-new PvE game style that commemorates the end of the Second World War, will soon be available to play Monday, May 4 to Monday, May 18. The match kind was teased in a YouTube video on April 24, but Wargaming has confirmed that lovers can play with it imminently.

Tankers will have the choice to combine one of five distinct Units — branches composed of American, British, and Soviet vehicles — prior to being awakened with other gamers to carry on AI-controlled enemies. Each unit includes three similar middle-tier tanks which come equipped with unique Combat Boosts. These special attacks vary from Airstrikes to Particular Shells and can enable players to take down adversaries better.


Battles will happen on one of four specially crafted maps, such as a fresh Berlin map, also include five Battle Simulator. Participants will be tasked with completing these goals, like defending catch points, so as to conquer AI tank commanders and advancement through the effort.

Much like other Planet of Tanks manners, players will have to work collectively tactically so as to combine positions and make points, which will cause several benefits being unlocked as you playwith. People who complete the style before its ending date is going to get the IS-2 tank armed with spaced armor as a particular decoration.

All channels, aside from this Berlin map, will soon be accessible from May 4. The Berlin map will be usable from Friday, May 8, to celebrate VE Day and honor the second once the ceasefire was declared.

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