Bloodstained How To Unlock Zangetsu And Randomizer Mode Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

figure absent how to unlock Zangetsu in Bloodstained as healthy as the Randomizer mode isn’t quite as clear as it should be, given how it was in the game’s biggest update yet.

Be warned as present are spoilers for the main pastime here. It’s not just session in the main menu like you might think. You’re leaving to need to do some work first. So here’s how to undo the Randomizer mode and play as Zangetsu in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The game will also show you some of his moves once you get drop in, as you can see in the on top of picture

After beating Bael once once more, you have to start a new game on an blank slot. It’ll let you choose what quality to play as after you pick your name. Once you select your difficulty, you’ll be good to go.

This will open a portal for you to jump in and doing so will eventually get you to the Glacial fortress area. Then go on on with the game and kill Dominique and Bael to get the true ending.

First, you’re going to need to beat the whole game and get the “good” ending again, even if you’ve already concluded the game. Hopefully, you have an endgame save you can bound to. In case you’re unclear on how to get the “good” ending, you’ll need to attack the moon (when it turns red) with the Zangetsuto sword during the fight with Gebel

. There are multiple levels to some of these option, too, sense you can make shards be totally accidental, unchanged, or mix what enemy drop what ruins or items. Shuffle around and find your scenery. You can also share your settings, too. It’ll give you a set of numbers you can post on societal media or tell your friends.


You’ll also need the “good” ending for the Randomizer. From here, go to the Extra Mode on the major menu. You’ll see Randomizer mode as of there. It’ll warn you that you should beat the game, but you should have by now done that. Then once you proceed, it’ll let you change shops, quests, crafting, items, enemy drops, save and warp rooms, key items, and goals.

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