Why Battlefield 5 Update 6.6 Delays

Additionally, Update 6.6 will be laying the foundation for the June 2020 update. Based on the language used in this notice, it looks like EA DICE is positive that it will be able to deliver that update on calendar.

After some unlucky delays, it’s been announced that Battlefield 5 Update 6.6 will be arriving next week. This brand new piece of content for Battlefield 5 looks like it will be a little unusual when compared to past updates.

What’s coming in Battlefield 5 Update 6.6?

  • Improvements to Anti-Aircraft Gameplay
  • Changes to various Anti-Tank shells
  • Fixes to “Join on Friend”
  • Starting Thursday, Outpost gets introduced on Twisted Steel
  • and more!

To kick things off, last month’s update wasn’t faithfully deliver as planned. The update that’s set to arrive next week will take in all of this content, but that’s not all — it will also be supplement. With additional happy and changes created by the developers while they’ve been functioning from home.For now, you can look forward to the Battlefield 5 Update 6.6 patch notes arriving on Monday and the update itself dropping on Tuesday.


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