Nintendo tackles Animal Crossing Amiibo card bilker with reservation-only scheme

Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, which have surged in popularity as a result of New Horizons, will eventually be available to buy again — but only in Japan, according to reports.

The cards, which players can use to invite villagers to their campsites that were own in-game, are very popular among scammers looking to earn a lot of money. According to, however, Nintendo has stepped in to prevent scalpers requesting extortionate amounts of cash about them by requesting players collectors and — — to book Amiibo cards online instead.

The Amiibo card reservation scheme is only available in Japan. There’s been no statement about a potential U.S. scheme being opened up, so Western audiences might have to import them if they want to secure any for today.

Reservations may be made up until June 30, and it’s worth bearing in mind that reservations can not be canceled after the order is set. This is due to the need to generate card numbers based on need, and prevent scammers from charging huge sums of money of Nintendo.

Packs will cost ¥330 Japanese infantry, which is equivalent to $3 or #2.50. Each card pack will come with three Amiibo cards that are random also, so there is no option.

The reservation scheme will include all four series of this Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo show, but maybe not the Sanrio collaboration Amiibo cards.

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