Broken Fortnite exploit lets you take pieces 100% of the time


There are — and always have been a plethora of ways to gain an edge over an opponent in Fortnite. There are exploits that allow you to phase through constructions, steel walls, and also make it so an uninformed opponent doesn’t have any chance of protecting themselves.

The majority of them require a high amount of ability to master. The ramp-phase trick is one that most gamers know about, but there are other wall-phasing exploits that just professional players utilize in their games.

Lately, players began to notice an exploit which allows you to take cones and floors 100% of the time. You don’t have to construct three structures to push yourself through a building bit. All you have to do is stand on the southern end of this structure, looking to the northwest. It seems mad, but it is that easy.


Several Fortnite players have showcased this exploit, including DuckyTheGamer — among the most popular mobile Fortnite players around Twitch. In this clip, you’ll see him testing the exploit and succeeding 100% of the time when standing on the southern side.

We analyzed this at the Battle Lab on Xbox and were not too consistent with our cone-stealing. There is a possibility that this was a PC and mobile difficulty, as Epic published a maintenance patch on those platforms, today.

To be fair, however, we probably don’t have the best timing with this. It seems like players that have optimum timing can steal these construction bits 100 percent of their time.

That is the fantastic news, at least. The good thing is that if a player has great timing, they will have the ability to steal your ceiling from you every moment. Hopefully, Epic address this matter soon, if the current maintenance patch was not aimed at this tap.

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