This beloved Fortnite item could be returning soon

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been comparatively slow in relation to releasing items. This has been, obviously, by design. Epic wished to bring us back into the barebones Fortnite experience with the release of Chapter two, and they did just that.

They began picking things up in Season 2 with the release of a few new weapons and items and the yield of a couple more. Still, it’s not anywhere near the weekly updates we had been getting back at the times of mid-to-late Chapter 1.

Epic has a trove of items and weapons that they can bring back to the match, together with some new ideas they definitely have in the tank.

One fan-favorite thing that may be coming back is your Shadow Bomb. Aggressive Fortnite players, in particular, loved this thing as it offers a virtually free rotation in the midst of the late-game chaos. Most fans remember MrSavage’s 200-IQ Shadow Bomb play at the World Cup finals.

Apart from phases of this game when there’s too many rotational items, not many players complained about the Shadow Bombs. They were not among the core items, but a whole lot of Fortnite players were sad to see them go.

In accordance with FNBR Leaks, the Shadow Bomb may be returning prior to Season 2 ends. Epic inserted it back to the game files in v12.60, which is regarded as the last major patch of Fortnite Season 2.

The alternative to the return of Shadow Bombs in core manners is its entry into the Intel in Spy Games. We can see this as an unlockable thing in Operation manners, which could put a damper on our excitement.

Matters like Shield Bubbles, the Heavy Shotgun, and Chug Splashes have reappeared in Spy Games. Epic could be reviewing user feedback prior to considering their return to center manners.

We could observe the Shadow Bomb yield for Fortnite Season 3, too. It can also have some lore attached to it, following the rumored Doomsday event. For now, Shadow Bomb lovers can get excited to see them go back to the Fortnite game files.

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