Maneater Can’t Fight Scaly Pete Bug Solution


Can’t Fight Scaly Pete bug in Maneater is a problem that some of the people playing have been encountering in Sapphire Bay. It seems that, regardless of what they do, they can’t combat Scaly Pete at Sapphire Bay, even if the match is telling them that they need to. Well, fortunately, the situation has a potentially very straightforward solution. We are gonna show you exactly what you should try to do in our Maneater Can not Fight Scaly Pete Bug Solution guide.

Maneater Can Not Fight Scaly Pete Bug SolutionHow to Solve Scaly Pete Can’t Fight Bug in Maneater?

To solve the bug where you can’t battle Scaly Pete at Maneater at Sapphire Bay (and some other places), there are several things you can try. For the record, before we even start with this, I have to point out that the chances are good it’s not a bug in any respect. Instead, the game expects you to advance far enough until it is going to let you combat Pete again. For some of you, it might be a bug, but more on that in a little bit.


Let’s go through a record of stuff which you need to do to battle Scaly Pete; at least, in Sapphire Bay. The first order of business would be to complete around 50% of Sapphire Bay. It seems that the game won’t give you his place otherwise. Second, you need to progress through the primary story missions until you receive the”Check in on Scaly Pete” step. Be certain that you click on it in the pursuit menu for the location to show up. Lastly, some gamers have mentioned that you may need a large enough Infamy rating, however we have not managed to verify that.


If none of the stuff works, then you might be encountering an actual bug. If that is true, then you can really only try resetting your own game. You might drop some progress short-term, but at least you’ll have the ability to complete the game. The developers will surely launch a hotfix soon enough, thinking about how many bugs Maneater has.

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