Maneater Tiger Shark Skin Pre-Order


The Tiger Shark pre-order skin adaptation in Maneater is a bonus for the ones that have secured their copy early. However, it’s been causing a great deal of issues. People who have pre-ordered the sport are not getting any kind of code for the Tiger Shard DLC in Maneater. Even players that have pre-ordered their physical duplicates from select retailers are not receiving their codes since they’re supposed to. We are gonna go into more detail within our Maneater Tiger Shark Skin Pre-Order guide.

Maneater Tiger Shark Skin Pre-OrderTiger Shark Skin Adaptation Pre-Order at Maneater.

But in and off itself, isn’t the problem. The challenge is that people who’ve pre-ordered the sport digitally can’t find the Tiger Shark adaptation anyplace. Well, if you look at the picture again, you will see a little asterisk in the beginning. On the website, the asterisk points to this caution:”Select retailers simply. Also included in the Maneater Day One Edition at select retailers.”


So, yeah; if you have pre-ordered the match digitally (or through Amazon( seemingly ), no Tiger Shark skin for you. Worse still, people who’ve gotten their physical copy from Best Buy, or Gamespot, or where have you in the united states are not getting their Tiger Shark codes. Everywhere else, people are receiving their copies that say Day One Edition on the cover, and also mention that it includes DLC. In the US, not so much. Some sort of mix-up has occurred there, and the only thing you can do about it is a start calling follow and support Maneater on Twitter for further updates.


The one rather bright spot in this scenario is that the devs have spoken about incorporating the Tiger Shark adaptation to the game for everyone at a later date. That’s not much solace for those that had their hearts set on getting the skin out of the get-go, I guess. We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out, and how the developers will handle the issue.

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