World War Z Update 1.17 Patch Notes


The Programmers in Charge of World War Z Introduced the Marseille update Now. We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on May 26th.

About the PS4 you need to download and install a patch with 13.5 GB. Based on the stage, how big this download may change.

• Fixed crucial memory leak that has been causing a great deal of crashes on Marseille maps. It’s a temporary cure and much more repairs are arriving
• Frozen black leave artifacts appearing on shadowy amounts


• Fixed some gameplay bugs Which Were causing inability to advance in amounts


• Fixed issues that created several Special weapon versions free for Everybody
• Imposing Arsenal decoration no more requires unique weapon variations to be bought
• Restored unique Thumper GL version prices back to 500
• Fixed issues with Vehicle Turret positioning that was launch players up in the atmosphere
• Increased performance in the last section of Marseille maps 3 and 2

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