1971 Project Helios Launch Trailer Released


The launching trailer for 1971 Job Helios has been released, and it includes about a minute and change of gameplay footage, as well as little bits of story for flavor. It also shows, appropriately, the release date of this match.

1971 Job Helios Establish Trailer Released

Therefore, what exactly is 1971 Project Helios? It describes itself as”a mixture of turn-based strategy and RPG,” with a few source management sprinkled on top. You are going to be controlling eight different characters, each with their own agendas but a frequent cause:”find a key scientist who had been kidnapped by a powerful paramilitary society.” Said scientist might just be the secret to saving the planet, which has turned into”a dystopian world, scarce in resources and razed by intense cold.”

  • Fight in turn-based tactical battles against three distinct factions, each one with their own components, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Explore the Huge world of 1971 Job Helios. From military centers to medieval dungeons, every of them is filled with keys awaiting to be found.
  • Improve your characters’ skill trees: unlock, improve and fit unique abilities to create the ideal personality.

That’s not always a bad thing, of course; no reason to reinvent the wheel in case you don’t need to. If the gameplay is strong, that’s all you need. Add to an intriguing setting with a few Frostpunk flavor, and you might just have something special on your hands. We’ll have to wait and watch. In the meantime, you can take a look at the launch trailer below to get a sense for what 1971 Job Helios is all about.

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