MLB The Show 20 Update 1.12 Patch


Gamers will see this as MLB The Show 20 update 1.12, and it includes a lot of gameplay fixes.

There are no changes to gameplay in this update.



  • Fixed an issue where the roster would reset to the default live rosters after uploading to the cloud.


  • “Out in Front” introduced as a new Contact Result classification in the comments window when timing is quite early on balls put in the atmosphere.
  • Fixed a problem inducing the final banner to evaporate in multi-game minutes.
  • Fixed an issue that will cause the Goals OSD to appear after every out in moments.
  • Something something HOME RUN OSD…
  • Fixed a problem causing incorrect team abbreviations in loading screens.
  • Various corrections and repairs made to the scorebug OSD.


  • Different corrections made to play with play and color commentary.

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