Warframe Railjack Revisited Part 1 Launches

Warframe Railjack Revisited Part 1 Launches

Warframe Railjack Revisited Part 1 Launches

Digital Extremes has declared that following some testing, the first portion of this Warframe Railjack Revisited update will be launching tomorrow on PC and will include a huge changelog.

Exactly how massive you ask? Well according to Digital Extremes there will be a total of 29 pages that go in-depth with all the repairs, balancing, quality of life, along with other developments. This pales in comparison to the tiny notes we published a few days ago, so be prepared for some major reading tomorrow! As for the reason it’s called”part 1″, Digital Extreme’s Community Director Rebbeca Ford verified during the remain at home flow that this upgrade would just focus on three core areas, together with component 2 focusing on the bigger picture. Those core areas are the design, equilibrium, and the instruments of Railjack.

We will be sure to post the full Warframe Railjack Revisited patch notes once they’re live tomorrow for PC, but for the time being, you can have a look at the short snippet of the formerly posted down below.

A preview of a Few of the changes included in the 29 pages Warframe Railjack Revisited upgrade tomorrow:

General Changes:

  • Doubled the Railjack’s inherent loot-pickup (Vacuum) Range.
  • Shifting the pacing and general feel of all Railjack Piloting and motion to be reliant on the optimal strategy of”Single strafe Boost then Repeat”:
    • Doubled the Raijack’s foundation Speed.
    • Lowered Boost Speed by 75 percent
    • Improved the Boost Speed cost of dodge.
    • Increased Boost Drain (8 — 15)
  • Made scale a factor in damage bonuses and reduction. This means Archwings and their weapons will do more harm to ships, while also taking less damage from them.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the sensitivities of the emplacement rankings (side turrets now fit the pilot turret)

Ship Combat Changes:

  • Changed all Health, Shield, and Armour to use the newest Tenno versions introduced in Warframe Revised.
  • Halved that the Health and Armour of Griner Fighters.
  • Randomized the amount of Fighters necessary to be killed during the Extermination section of the Skirmish mission so that it’s sometimes not the same.
  • Decreased the quantity of time between landing the killing shot into the enemy explosion on Fighters (.1 — 1 sec) down from (1-3) minutes ) The consequence of this is not only a faster pace but also a faster time to spawn any drops.
  • Reduced Railjack Shield Recharge delay from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Railjack Weapon warmth build-up changes:
    • Apoc — Sigma/Lavan/Nidar heat build-up reduced from 20 to 12. Zekti from 40 to 20
    • Carcinoxx — Sigma/Lavan/Nidar heat build-up decreased from 10 to 8. Zekti from 20 to 12
    • Cryophon — Zekti from 400 to 350
    • Photo( — Sigma/LavanNidar heat build-up reduced from 10 to 8.



On-Foot Combat Changes:

  • Reduced the Wellness of on-foot Gnneer Railjack enemies by half.
  • Removed scaled damage controllers out of all on-foot Gnneer Railjack enemies.

Pacing Changes:

  • Additional Caps for the Quantity of simultaneous Railjack Hazards (Fire, Electric, and Breaches). Your Railjack can only have 1 of each Hazard active at a time.
  • Drastically diminished the frequency of RJ Hazard types.
  • Made each RJ Hazard kind more harmful to the boat.
  • Improved the amount of Omni Revolite needed to eliminate hazard events but improved the XP gained.
  • Increased the number of fighters in all awake phases.
  • Enemies currently spawn considerably nearer into the Railjack vs. 1000. Km away.

Archwing Changes/Fixes:

  • Longstanding problems with the usability of Archwing Melee has been fixed — it’s whacking day -tell us!
  • Archwing Melee Range mods now affect aim assist lock-on selection.
  • Archwing Gun stats normalized — space battle now uses ground’Heavy Weapon- stats.
  • UI Lead index has been added to applicable Archwing Guns.

Systemic Changes:

  • The Kuva Lich’Valence Transfer’ has been included for built Armaments and Components-players can now Transfer progress and stats into the new better components, boosting them.
    • Requires Dirac to perform the performance
    • Combining matching tiers provides 10% boost in stats
    • Combining lesser tier gives 5% boost in stats,
    • 2 tiers removed (Mk3 with Mk1) is 2% increase

Affinity and Intrinsic Gain Changes:

You will now get Intrinsics 2x faster.

  • Improved the earned Affinity on killing Elite Fighters and Outriders.

When it comes to Avionics changes, there’s an overarching goal: Simplify Avionic management.

Each Integrated Avionic Sort will only exist with a single Manufacturer rather than three Manufacturer flavors.



  • The’retired’ Integrated Avionics is going to be removed from the player’s stock via a script.

  • The remaining Integrated Avionic for each Form will take about the values of the previously highest appreciated Avionic of its Form.

  • ALL Dirac used to upgrade Integrated Avionics will be refunded. This applies to both retired and staying Avionics

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    ALL remaining Integrated Avionics will have their Upgrades emptied.


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