"The Witcher 3" Can Now be Played in First-Person. It Looks Absolutely Wild
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“The Witcher 3” Can Now be Played in First-Person. It Looks Absolutely Wild

"The Witcher 3" Can Now be Played in First-Person. It Looks Absolutely Wild

“The Witcher 3” Can Now be Played in First-Person. It Looks Absolutely Wild

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was not a game that was ever supposed to be played in first-person. CD Projekt RED’s vast fantasy world was meticulously designed for third-person combat, puzzle-solving, exploration, and the occasional stuffed unicorn dalliance. This is something we should all respect.

Alternatively, we could let a dedicated modder take the game apart and force it into a first-person adventure. It works. It seems to me that it does.

DSO Gaming reported that ExtremeDotneting worked hard to improve a previously first-person mod for The Witcher 3. The result is the First-Person Camera Reworked Mod. This mod fixes many of the problems when you try to play third-person games from the wrong perspective.

As you can see in the video below (or via this link), the mod still isn’t quite perfect… by which I mean it’s still really, very rough. This mod is great for gentle exploration, but it can get intense if you go beyond that. It looks especially rough in combat. Obviously, The Witcher 3‘s combat needs to be completely reworked to function in first-person. Who has the time?

The description on Nexus Mods reads, “The mod takes into consideration the errors of mods First Person Improved or modFirstPerson.” This mod makes control easier and fixes some problems such as the display of swords, crossbows, camera shifting during different actions (for instance, attack or sprint), or use of the witcher’s instinct.

If you want to download and try the mod for yourself, you can do so by heading here and following the installation instructions.

One of my favorite gaming secrets is The Witcher 3’s creepiest Easter Egg.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a ridiculously hefty game. CD Projekt RED’s masterful fantasy RPG has not one but two massive unique open-world areas to explore, each with its own in-depth quests, monsters, and secrets to discover.

You can expect a large game to be filled with Easter eggs and other fun references. But there is one that stands out to me. This one may be familiar to you, but it’s worth looking for.

If you’re next in Velen, take a look at Lindenvale. Two stone angels guard the church’s entrance. You’ll be amazed at how fast the angels move to face you if you go inside the church. You can see the Easter egg in action right here if you’ve somehow been unaware of it for all this time.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more. Angels can only move once, so fast traveling or leaving and returning does not reset the encounter. Geralt is all that can say about the matter except that it’s “interesting.” It would be reasonable to think that a hired monster hunter might want to investigate mysterious teleporting statues.

Even though the encounter is very brief, it’s still a great experience. One, I am a huge Doctor Who fan. Second, I would be happy to see any mention of the Weeping Angels in Blink (one of my favorite David Tennant episodes). It doesn’t matter if you are a Doctor Who fan; the beauty of it all is that it works – even if you aren’t.

These angels are obvious if you are a fan. You feel a dopamine rush as you realize that the creators of the epic adventure RPG you love every second also acknowledge your favorite show’s existence. It’s totally possible to enjoy it even if you aren’t a fan. It’s actually more creepy that you just came face-to-face and have no idea why, with two mysteriously moving statues.

“The Witcher 3” Can Now be Played in First-Person. It Looks Absolutely Wild
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