Starfield Cities Revealed by Developer
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Starfield Cities Revealed by Developer

Starfield Cities Revealed by Developer

Starfield Cities Revealed by Developer

Bethesda Softworks posted three videos to YouTube at the end of August. These videos give a sneak peek into the locations that will feature in the highly anticipated Starfield project. is due to be released on November 11th, 2022. These videos reveal the three Starfield cities of New Atlantis and Neon. These videos were narrated by Emil Pagliarulo (Design Director for Starfield) to give an insight into the experience of these settings.

New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the first city we will be discussing. It seems to be the main city in this game. Similar to Oblivion, the Imperial City was also in New Atlantis. This is the imagery of the city’s satellite port. This is a close-up view of the pyramid-shaped structure that was used in the imagery. New Atlantis seems to be an enormous urban center with many skyscrapers and bright lights. It also includes a lot of people.

The commentary also reveals that New Atlantis, the capital of a faction called United Colonies, is that the U.C. is a military superpower in Starfield. It will be interesting to see if the U.C. Is the U.C. a friend or foe for the player? It could be likened to the Septim Empire in Elder Scrolls or the Galactic Empire of Star Wars. Maybe the player decides that.


Next up is Neon. It is a city on top of the body of water, a domed one. Emil Pagliarulo is the best person to quote here because there are many interesting things in his commentary.

Firstly, he mentions the Xenofresh Corporation. This corporation seems to be in control of Neon as a corporatocracy. Aurora, a local drug, is the source of this organization’s power. It is an intriguing setting that suits Bethesda’s taste well.


Akila, the capital of a third faction known as the Freestar Collective, is the last location to be revealed. The key difference between F.C. The key difference between the F.C. The F.C. The F.C. is an alliance of independently managed star systems. The U.C. is a large government that has control over many star systems. The U.C. The U.C. sounds much stronger. You may be able to choose which faction you want to join—for example, the Stormcloak Rebellion or the Imperial Legion in Skyrim.

Pagliarulo also mentions alien animals that live outside Akila called Ashta. These creatures are a mixture of wolves, velociraptors, and other animal species. This sounds like an interesting beast. I hope Starfield has many unusual life forms, such as the Ashta, and not just more humanoid-looking beings like Super Mutants in Fallout.

Starfield Cities Revealed by Developer
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