Peter Parker Must Be Killed by 'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
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Review of ‘TOEM: A Game About Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Review of 'TOEM: A Game About Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Review of ‘TOEM: A Game About Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

As I set up my camera to capture another moment, I realize how well-constructed TOEM has been. Although it is a fake world, the snap-worthy moments aren’t artificial. It’s so weird that I feel at home here, and I even feel a bit sad at the thought of the game-ends. As soon as I feel this thought starting to take root, another great photo op grabs me. The true magic of TOEM is this constant urge to take photos.

Photography games are not new. Cameras can create virtual worlds, from classics such as Fatal Frame to more modern titles such as Pokemon Snap. The former uses the camera to shoot, while the latter use it for documenting. TOEM falls under the second category but puts you in a black-and-white world.

It is a strange place to have a game in which you take photos. Chicory – A Colorful Tale is a black and white game. However, your role is to restore the world’s glory using liberally applying colors (as the title suggests).

TOEM frames its beauty confidently without using a wide range of colors. Developer Something We Made created a visual treat that is truly a delight for the eyes.

Your role in TOEM is to travel through the small but well-populated world and capture all of its sights. You’ll have to capture many different moments throughout your adventure. Each successful shot will earn you a stamp. Once you have collected enough stamps, you can move on to the next area. The process is simple but enjoyable due to the variety of situations and additional challenges.

There are specific locations you can shoot in each level and special blocks that trigger when they are put on film. You can also find a wide variety of wardrobe items that will allow you to personalize your protagonist’s look.

Peter Parker Must Be Killed by 'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A tripod is another clever feature that allows you to capture photos remotely. This additional angle is essential for fulfilling some requests and opens up new possibilities for selfies. This is the best way to capture new threads after you have changed your look.

Although there is a lot to do, the main story of TOEM can easily be completed in less than three hours. However, a completionist run will leave you with a few more hours of work, as well as some scratching your head. It doesn’t feel too long, even though I didn’t want it to.

The beauty of the moment was so beautiful that I found me at the last photo op. I felt at ease with the world TOEM. It was like being a tiny grain on a sandy beach, enjoying the glow of something that I didn’t fully understand, but I am happy nonetheless.

Review of ‘TOEM: A Game About Pictures Worth A Thousand Words
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