Peekaboo Full Version Mobile Game
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Peekaboo Full Version Mobile Game

Peekaboo Full Version Mobile Game

Peekaboo Full Version Mobile Game

Peekaboo Mobile Game 2021 Overview:

Divide into two teams: Props and Hunter. The props that have become an object must be found by the hunters.

Peekaboo — Hide & Seek on the Network. The players are split into two groups: hunters and props. Props can take any shape. There are many unique items on each map, from small items such as fruit and fast food to larger ones like furniture and boxes. Special guns are used to hunt players and they must be found by the opposing team within a given time limit.

Each team has its own unique strengths that will help them win. Up to 16 people can participate in the match simultaneously at this time. The prop will be revealed to hunters. Everybody is involved in the gameplay. The game currently has ten maps, and you can choose whether the day is day, night, or evening. This will change the atmosphere of the match. The birds will be singing during the day. The light from the windows will be visible at night. You’ll see the light from the windows at night.

You can play on open servers alongside other hunters who are more experienced. Invite your friends to join you on private servers, and have some fun!

Peekaboo Features:

  • This game looks great, and the graphics are very nice.
  • It’s possible to have it with Garry’s mod with lots of other mini-games, but it’s more difficult to set up a session and a server. We never managed to play Garry’s mod so it is easier for us to use it.




Peekaboo Full Version Mobile Game
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