Halo Infinite: All Collectibles Explained

Halo Infinite: All Collectibles Explained

Halo Infinite: All Collectibles Explained

Halo Infinite: All Collectibles Explained

While Halo has always been a popular game for collecting collectibles, Halo infinite raises the bar with its open-world nature. There are more collectibles in the open world than ever before, many in difficult-to-reach or obscure locations.

Two methods are used to find most of the open-world collectibles in Halo Infinite: you can liberate FOBs or press down on the D-pad to scan your surroundings. The process of liberating FOBs works in open-world games, revealing points of interest nearby on the map. Liberating FOBs will reveal collectibles on the map for most of them, making it much easier to find them. But, for some, it can be much more difficult.

It is important to note that collectibles are available in the first two missions and at the end of the game. However, since there is no mission select option or ability to return, you will have to collect them the first time. You can spam press the d-pad to see gold, and it will take you through the rest of the game. The map will show you the location of collectibles in the area. Don’t leave the area until you have collected everything.

This list contains every collectible you will find in Halo Infinite.

All Halo Infinite Collectibles

There are two types of audio logs: UNSC and Banished. Each one reveals different aspects of the game’s history and the events that led up to Halo Infinite. Some audio logs can be found in main missions. However, they are also tied to outposts or FOBs. Each UNSC FOB contains one UNSC audio file collected upon liberation. Banished outposts have both.

You can find them by following a simple rule: UNSC audio logs will be found outside the outposts, and Banished audio logs will be located. The Banished logs usually talk about the chain and events behind the scenes. UNSC logs, on the other hand, are about escape or surveillance of the base nearby. You can follow the audio logs while scanning the surroundings if you have trouble finding a particular type at an outpost.

Halo Infinite: All Collectibles Explained
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