Masahiro Sakurai tells Gamers to “Forget” About Him

Masahiro Sakurai tells Gamers to "Forget" About Him

Masahiro Sakurai tells Gamers to “Forget” About Him

Masahiro Sakurai, a gamer and entrepreneur, is a true legend in the gaming world. He has created games such as Kirby’s Adventure, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Smash Bros. His resume is the ultimate, and it would be impossible to match that incredible resume. This is why Sakurai asks us to forget about him.

Sakurai is clearly a developer who puts all his effort into making video games the best they can be. This is why each character’s move-set in Super Smash Bros. was created. Ultimate was so precise, so it doesn’t matter if he is working on a new project, or just taking a break.

Masahiro Sakurai tells Gamers to “Forget” About Him

Sakurai said that “doing any other is going to take some… translate on the Tweet below,” which is quite intriguing.

It could take many years before the next Sakurai video is released. Given his dedication, however, that would not be a bad thing. However, we would love to see him relax and enjoy his time off the spotlight.

It is amazing that he was able to acquire such a large roster of characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a testimony to Sakurai’s hard work. There was lots of input from companies, such as Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available on Nintendo Switch. Fighters Pass 1 & 2 are also available for purchase, so players can get the complete roster.

Masahiro Sakurai tells Gamers to “Forget” About Him
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