Mid-season patch notes for COD Vanguard 1.5

Mid-season patch notes for COD Vanguard 1.5

Mid-season patch notes for COD Vanguard 1.5

Mid-season patch notes for COD Vanguard 1.5

The January 11th COD Vanguard update patch notes reveal some significant changes to Multiplayer and a new Zombies Mode.

Call of Duty Vanguard received mixed reviews after its release in November 2021. Sledgehammer and Treyarch, the developers of Call of Duty Vanguard, have stated in COD Update Patch Notes that they will improve Vanguard Multiplayer and Zombies based on feedback. However, they remain realistic about their timeframe for improvement. This is the Vanguard 1.5 mid-season patch notes.

COD patch notes — Vanguard 1.5 Multiplayer update

Vanguard Multiplayer has made significant changes, including updated perks to combat fire damage and an adjustment for spawns to Control. Most of these changes were implemented in response to player feedback.


  • Spawn logic was modified to increase high player counts and spawns on smaller maps
  • Domination mode has been tuned to the Dome spawn logic
  • The Control of spawns has been dramatically improved to:
    • Avoid spawning in Tuscan
    • Stop breeding in enemy line-of-sight in Bocage
    • Stop players spawning on top teammates

Amendments to Weapon, Equipment, and Killstreak

Type 99 Sniper Rifle

  • Aim Flinch Reduced
  • ADS Time Reduced
  • Keep One Shot Kill Potential for Chest Shots when smaller caliber ammo is used.

Stun Grenade

  • Hardcore modes have reduced damage from the Stun Grenade
  • Stun Grenades have a shorter effect on players.

Incendiary Grenade

  • The damage has been reduced

Mortar Barrage Killstreak

  • The Mortar Strike duration has been reduced
  • The number of Mortar Strikes per streak was reduced
  • Problem solved: Mortar barrage deployment inconsistent

Perks Changes

High Alert

  • Perk activates with a slight delay after an enemy has seen it.


  • Protects against fire and other burning effects such as Incendiary Rounds and Flamenaut.


  • Fire damage was reduced by 30%
  • All explosives are reduced in their potential for excessive damage

Changes to the User Interface

  • The Seasonal Challenge menu is now available in the Challenges tab
  • The Objective progression bar does not clip into reticles
  • Prestige 3’s looping animation post-game level-up animation has been fixed
  • The menu navigation has been improved for viewing Bundles in-store

This is only a summary of the changes made in this update. The complete COD Vanguard update patch notes can be found on Sledgehammer Games’ website.

COD Vanguard update patch notes — Zombies

Access the Void at Von List’s Office

Zombies have seen a significant change. It now features a classic gameplay mode that will make old players feel more at home. For a new story and a new portal method, the Void, you can access Von List’s Office, located in Stalingrad. The Void will present players with increasingly difficult Zombies waves, similar to the classic COD Zombies gameplay.

Check out this dedicated article on the Void to learn more about Vanguard Zombies’ new gameplay.

Upgrade your Artifacts

The introduction of the Void created the new Tome of Rituals. The Tome of Rituals is located in Stalingrad. It allows you to use your Sacrificial Hearts for Artifacts leveling – which will be essential to survive waves after waves of Von List’s undead army.

Frost Blast

  • Tier II — Three seconds to freeze regular and special enemies
  • Tier III – Increases Frost Blast radius to 100%
  • Tier IV – Increases the number of charges from one to three
  • Tier V – Normal enemies frozen are insta-killed if they are damaged

Energy Mine

  • Tier II – Normal and unique enemies are stunned for three seconds when they hit Energy Mine.
  • Tier III – Three explosions in a row, with 0.75 seconds between each explosion
  • Tier IV – Increases the number of charges from one to three
  • Tier V – Increases explosion radius by 66%

Aether Shroud

  • Tier II – When activated, automatically reload weapons
  • Tier III – Deal 500% bonus melee injury while you are active
  • Tier IV – Additional 50% speed and a longer duration of five to eight seconds
  • Tier V – Increases the number of charges from one to two

Ring of Fire

  • Tier II – Normal enemies in the Ring of Fire take damage equal to 2% of your max HP every second.
  • Tier III – The ring’s players use ammo from their stock
  • Tier IV – If you stay within the call for a maximum of ten seconds, the duration will increase from 15 to 20 seconds to 15.
  • Tier V – Keeping within the ring for a maximum of ten seconds increases the damage bonus from +50% up to +75%

Pack-a-Punch Camos

With the COD Vanguard 1.5 patch notes, Pack-a-Punch Camos has returned to Zombies. Every time you upgrade a weapon to Tier III at the Pack-a-Punch machine, it will now be wrapped in one or more of three unique camos. A new camo will be added to Sturmkreiger Drops and Mystery Box weapons.

Mid-season patch notes for COD Vanguard 1.5
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