Halo Infinite | Best Games Of 2021

Halo Infinite | Best Games Of 2021

Halo Infinite | Best Games Of 2021

Halo Infinite | Best Games Of 2021

2021. It’s been “a year”. We’re celebrating this collection of sun rotations by looking at the top games of 2021. Next up: Halo Infinite.

Let’s be real with ourselves, the Halo series that 343 Industries has taken over from Bungie has not been up to the same standards as the franchise when Bungie was in charge. This is expected with a series this large (Gears of War cannot beat Gears 3, for instance). However, Halo Infinite by 343 Industries is 343’s most impressive offering to date and could rival some of the series’ greatest highlights.

It is a revelation just by the campaign. The evolution to an open-world format was necessary for the Halo series to survive the next 20 years. Although it isn’t original in design or execution, the formula works well with the open-world chaos that Halo’s firefights bring. Halo thrives in open environments, chaos and open spaces. Infinite’s Zeta Halo offers that open environment.

The real magic of Halo Infinite’s open-world is its sense of discovery. You’ll find many emergent situations like skirmishes, Banished patrols, and other fun opportunities as you move from one objective to the next. You might have plans to take over an enemy outpost using your Rocket Launcher and Battle Rifle, but you may be stumbling upon Banished riding around in Ghosts.

FPSs are supposed to fulfil your wish that you feel badass. DoOM Eternal achieves this through animations and abilities. It’s difficult to not feel like an all-powerful ubermensch when you are ripping and tearing down demons. Halo Infinite makes you feel more strategic and visceral than your usual badass self. Each engagement offers you the chance to think strategically and use your tools in the most effective and creative ways. Zeta Halo is a canvas. The Chief’s tools and paintbrushes are rifles, shotguns, and explosive ordnance.

The Banished blood could be described as the paint if the metaphor wasn’t clear enough.

Halo Infinite deserves GOTY for its campaign, but the free-to-play multiplayer is the cherry on top. Although the playlists and battle passes have been controversial, the core gameplay is unparalleled. Simply put, Halo Infinite multiplayer shooter is the best on the market. It has a fun and easy-to-use gameplay. You can play online even if you are a beginner, thanks to the many training options and bot matches.

S has been yearning for that new killer app, and Halo Infinite delivers by the bucketload. This is a great opportunity to regain faith in Halo as 343 Industries moves into the future. Halo Infinite is the ideal place to start a new game. It offers plenty of new ideas and content.

Halo Infinite | Best Games Of 2021
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