EA confirms Skate 4 will be launched "Soon"

EA confirms Skate 4 will be launched “Soon”

EA confirms Skate 4 will be launched "Soon"

EA confirms Skate 4 will be launched “Soon.”

You’re correct, that’s right. And no, it isn’t clickbait. It seems like Skate4 will finally be seen in its full glory, nearly 12 years after the last game in the series.

In 2020 was the first confirmation of the game’s existence. A very self-aware teaser appeared in July 2013, which indicated that the team was working on it, but it was still very early in development. It’s funny.

We now have a lot more information about the game, thanks to EA’s Q3-2022 earnings call. Andrew Wilson, CEO of TweakTown, referred to how user-generated content (UGC) is crucial to the company’s future and will play a significant role in Skate 4.

Wilson stated that the UGC content has been at the centre of The Sims for a long time. It’s also at the centre of many modes, such as FIFA or Madden Ultimate Team. He also said that it is at the centre of the design of skate, which will soon be launched. This UGC content is a continuation of the social interaction with my friends while enjoying this entertainment. This is going to be an essential part of our future, I believe.”

Although they were vague in last year’s teaser trailer, you can pick up some comments from the fans. These include confirmation of multiplayer (which you would certainly hope) and the possibility that the game may be open-world. Wilson stated that the game will be launching soon can only mean seeing actual trailers for it. We’ll have to wait and see if these observations are accurate.

EA confirms Skate 4 will be launched “Soon”
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