Dying light two was launched without any mod support. However, they have sprung up in a matter of days, thanks to the creative community.

You can always play the game strictly as it was intended. However, if you enjoy tweaking graphics, adding challenges, or removing annoying elements, then our list of the Best Dying Light2 Mods might be a good choice.

The Best Dying Light 2 Mods

Dying Light 2 will likely get patches over the next weeks and months. These patches may break or replace mods listed below. It doesn’t matter what happens. However, it is a good idea to back up your saves before you apply mods.

    • Dying Light 2 Developer Menu
    • Expanded FOV Options
    • Overwrite Keyboard Bindings
    • Unlimited Weapon Durability
    • No More Trails
    • Extreme Nights V2: The Return of the King
    • Skip all Intros
    • Immersive HUD customization
    • A bit of Reshade

Dying Light 2 Developer Menu

It does what it says on its tin. The Dying Light2 Developer Menu brings the developer menu back under Hints. This is useful for tweaking the game or fixing any bugs.

Expanded FOV Options

Dying Light 2 can be fatal if you don’t have good peripheral awareness. These ExpandedFOV Options will help you see the big picture.

Overwrite Keyboard Bindings

Overwrite Keyboard bindings is an easy mod that makes life easier for those who don’t like having keybindings in a game. You have control of your keyboard, so you should be able to use any key that you want. You can.

Unlimited Weapon Durability

The Unlimited Weapon Durability mod may be the right choice for you if you are tired of watching your weapons break down. It’s easy, practical, and even if it seems a bit cheaty sometimes, you don’t want to deal with the wear and tear of a videogame.

No More Trails

The No more Trails mod will remove the weapon trails if you don’t enjoy them. This will give your game a more authentic feel.

Extreme Nights V2: The Return of the King

You might feel the game is too easy if you spend your time waiting for nightfall to come. Enter Extreme Nights v2 – The Return of the King, a mod that increases the difficulty by increasing the duration of the night, halving the day length, and doubling the number of zombies at night.

Skip all Intros

Sometimes it can be not very reassuring to load into a game and listen to the company’s marketing every time. Skip all Intros will save you the hassle and allow you to get on with the fun.

Customization of Immersive HUD

You can customize your Immersive HUD Customization mod to your heart’s delight. Remove the radar, crosshair, and weapon to immerse yourself in the world.

Reshade: A bit done

Although the graphics are fine, you may want to consider A Bit Done. This enhances the color and shadow and highlights a few details of the surrounding textures.

Dying light 2 is now available on PC and consoles. You can read our review right.

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