Review of "Dying Light 2" is Bombed for an "Offensive Omission"

Review of “Dying Light 2” is Bombed for an “Offensive Omission”

Review of "Dying Light 2" is Bombed for an "Offensive Omission"

Review of “Dying Light 2” is Bombed for an “Offensive Omission”

Dying light two may be enjoying a large number of players and some very good reviews from critics and fans, but not all have fallen for Techland’s zombie RPG.

Dying light two is being flooded with negative user reviews, making its overall score drop quite dramatically. Interestingly, a lot of these negative reviews are from Italian players.

Why? Techland did not include Dying Light 2 with an Italian voice. This has caused some frustration among Italian players who wish to enjoy the game in their preferred language.

It is worth noting that Italian isn’t the only omission. Dying light 2 has full VO localization in the following languages: English (French), German (Spanish), Polish, Portuguese, Russian), Japanese (Simplified Chinese) and English (German). This leaves a lot to be desired, but Dying light 2 is far from the first game that does not offer VO localization in every language.

However, the omission seems to have a particular effect on Italians.

One reviewer wrote that the game’s inclusion of other languages and no Italian language is a serious offence to Italian culture.

Another wrote, “Dying light 2has only Italian texts and is full of errors and poor translations.” They showed no respect for Italy or the Italians. They will not be respected by us Italians.”

Techland is a Polish-owned company. One player is furious that Polish was given priority over Italian. “I don’t know how it is possible to insert Polish-speak dialogues, but not include Italian dialogues.” They wrote. “Should we conduct a survey to find out if Poland is more known than Italy?” Big oof.

Review of “Dying Light 2” is Bombed for an “Offensive Omission”
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