Fortnite: How long does it take to update 19.40?

Fortnite: How long does it take to update 19.40?

Fortnite: How long does it take to update 19.40?

Fortnite: How long does it take to update 19.40?

UPDATE: March 1, 20,22, 3 am PST/6 am ET/11 am GMT — Fortnite servers have been restored online and are helping kick-start Amazing Web Week!

It’s Tuesday and it’s time to update Fortnite. Epic Games will release v19.40 today, March 1, 2022. Sources like Shiina, TigerHyper, and others claim that while this patch isn’t a major update, it could still bring some exciting new features to Fortnite. How big is this patch? And how long will Fortnite’s downtime today last? Let’s take a look at it.

Fortnite is down right now?

Fortnite matchmaking was temporarily disabled on March 1, 2022, at 12:50 PST/3:50 EST/8:50 GMT in preparation for the new Fortnite patch. Fortnite servers will be down for scheduled maintenance approximately ten minutes later.

What length of downtime will Fortnite last?

We don’t know how long the Fortnite downtime will be, but we do know that these patches typically last one to two hours. Fortnite servers should be back online in the early hours of the morning, even though v19.40 is not expected to be large. We will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available.

What’s new in Fortnite?

To get a better idea of the future, it’s a good idea to look at trusted Fortnite leakers like ShiinaBR and fire monkey¬†before these updates. We’re expecting a new Spider-Man Outfit this week. Epic had previously promised multiple Spider-Man appearances throughout the season. Epic Games also uses the tagline “Prepare To Swing into The v19.40 Update”, which strongly suggests new Spidey content.

ShiinaBR says there will likely be a new Wild Week announcement after the Bownanza event. Wild Weeks are made from items found in nature, such as fire, foraged consumables, and were initiated during the Fortnite Primal Season.

We’ll notify you as soon as Fortnite updates are available and the server is back up, with all the Fortnite patch notes for version 19.40.


Fortnite: How long does it take to update 19.40?
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