PlayStation Announces A New State of Play - It's Tomorrow

PlayStation Announces A New State of Play – It’s Tomorrow

PlayStation Announces A New State of Play - It's Tomorrow

PlayStation Announces A New State of Play – It’s Tomorrow

PlayStation hasn’t done a great job keeping tomorrow’s now verified State of Play secret.

There were many rumours that Sony would announce more in March. We now have confirmation from the official PlayStation Twitter account that it is genuine. We don’t have long to wait for the new showcase. It will be live tomorrow at 10 p.m. GMT.

The showcase will feature 20-minutes of games from Japanese publishers. It will include first looks and updates for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It was also confirmed that no PSVR 2 hardware nor software would be displayed, despite recent announcements.

Could this be the moment when we get some gameplay with the 2020 trailer for Hogwarts Legacy? Although it is unlikely, these things can throw up surprises…

What might the State Of Play look like? Rumours claim that Hogwarts Heritage will soon get a gameplay video and a 2022 release date. But iit’snot clear if this trailer will be included in the State of Play. It was also being developed by an American studio, according to our previous knowledge: IIt’snot very Japanese but Sony hhasn’truled out international studios, so iit’sstill possible.

The announcements of Sly Cooper and Infamous return could also be possible. Sucker Punch Productions created these IPs. This studio is currently working on Ghost Of Tsushima 2. Team Asobi, responsible for the Astro Bot games, would be a great choice to get the thieving mouse.

Polyphony Digital is the only first-party studio Sony has in Japan. So tthere’sa there’s we might see a future Gran Turismo7 update. We may notice content from third-party creators exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

We wwon’tlikely see Street Fighter VI more, though rumours about something Resident Evil have been growing. We ddon’tknow if iit’sthe new-gen upgrades to 2, 3, and 7 or DLC for Village, the best-selling game. Outbreak and Code Veronica are confirmed as part of the State of Play. We also know everyone is searching for the elusive Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Square Enix should have more information about Final Fantasy XVI. However, with the release of Triangle Strategy, it is not too early to expect anything. For a while, rumours have circulated that Metal Gear Solid remakes might be in the making. Konami may announce a Solid Snake-style PS5 Collection.

PlayStation Announces A New State of Play – It’s Tomorrow
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