Get a free PS5 upgrade to 'Dying Light' right now
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Get a free PS5 upgrade to ‘Dying Light’ right now

Get a free PS5 upgrade to 'Dying Light' right now

Get a free PS5 upgrade to ‘Dying Light’ right now

This year has seen one major game release after another. We had a nice week of talking about Horizon Forbidden west before the internet was consumed completely by Elden Ring. We also had Techland’s latest zombie survival, Dying Light 2. In our review, we called it “an expansive, if not entirely unique, an open-world playground that’s full of epic action, pleasingly violent combat and some difficult decisions.”

It quickly became more popular than its predecessor. On release day, it was played by far more people than the original. It reached a peak concurrent player count at 164K, almost four times the Dying light‘s lifetime peak of 46K. It seems that many people who have played Dying light 2 don’t have the opportunity to play the second one. Now, they have an excuse, as the new-generation upgrade is free.

Did you know you can get a flying baton stick in Dying Light 2? It’s not meant to be kept, but you can still get one. Check out the steps below.

Techland shared the news via Twitter yesterday. They revealed the changes for both PS5 users and PlayStation4 Pro users: “Console players!” They wrote that a next-gen update has been released for PlayStation. It brings quality improvements and enhances your gaming experience. Enjoy the new video modes, which offer a wider view while you parkour through Harran. Soon to be available on Xbox Keep checking back!

What does the upgrade offer? PS5 users have now access to “performance mode” (60 FPS with full HD visuals), “balanced mode”, which targets 60 FPS in QHD, and finally “quality mode” (30 FPS at 4K resolution). The PS4 Pro has not seen significant changes, but there are some improvements to the 30 FPS cap. There is also new networking that makes use of the EOS solution, which is possibly related to Epic Online Services, which is generally used for cross-platform functionality in gaming.

The update is available for PlayStation users right now, but it’s not clear when Xbox users will see it. In a reply tweet, the developers also stated that Dying light 2 will soon be getting a new patch. We’ll need to keep our eyes open for that.

Get a free PS5 upgrade to ‘Dying Light’ right now
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