FromSoftware's Toughest Boss in 'Elden Ring’ Is Also One of Their Best Ever Enemies

FromSoftware’s Toughest Boss in ‘Elden Ring’ Is Also One of Their Best Ever Enemies

FromSoftware's Toughest Boss in 'Elden Ring’ Is Also One of Their Best Ever Enemies

FromSoftware’s Toughest Boss in ‘Elden Ring’ Is Also One of Their Best Ever Enemies

FromSoftware games are a powerful combination of diverse elements. Nothing brings them together better than their boss fights. These are the high points of the studio’s most cherished titles. They challenge players to rise to the occasion and provide a quick fix of tough-as hell combat and a compelling narrative. These bosses are able to teach players not only new details about the game’s mechanics but also about the world and its characters. They show the (often tragic!) stories of their unique foes through their phases and movements. The stages of a fight have meaning. FromSoftware’s fights are distinguished by their blend of storytelling and challenge.

Elden Ring is home to a wide range of enemies. It takes more effort to make each boss stand out than ever with so many boss fights on the show. Sometimes it’s the sheer skill on display. Margit the Fell Omen, Godrick the Grafted and Godrick The Grafted leave an impression due to how animated they are. They face players with complex move sets that must be learned and carefully studied. Sometimes, it’s unexpected encounters like the one with the Regal Ancestor spirit.

The best FromSoftware fights combine all this. For my money, Melania, Blade of Miquela is the best boss in Elden Ring.

Already, players have dubbed her the most difficult FromSoftware boss ever. This claim is impossible to quantify because we all struggle with different bosses for various reasons. She is, however, a cruel designer. It’s obvious that she is fast and hard-hitting, but Melania has a core concept: she will get some of her health back for every hit she makes on you. It seems unfair at first. It would be easy to accept that the boss is impossible. She is a challenge that’s many times greater than the rest.

The Millicent questline will help you prepare for the battle. It’s obvious why you should see her. The Scarlet Rot is attacking her body, a vile substance that is destroying the world. It’s remarkable that it has taken over entire areas, but she is keeping it at bay. Although she has had to replace limbs in order to stop the infection from spreading, she is still a strong fighter. She warns that she has never experienced defeat. Because the fight is completely optional, engaging her is an option. You’ve made it this far.

Melania can be deadly despite her ferocious moves. Refrain from her, and she will slow down to a walking pace, giving you the chance to heal. This battle is won in swift, decisive flurries. Both of you will be hurt if you make mistakes. Although it isn’t a fair fight, it’s close to a duel. She is not a freak of fury or a giant of flailing limbs. She is measured and controlled. Her cool-headedness speaks volumes about her resilience to the blight that she was born with. This is FromSoft fleshing out another key character through combat.

You can beat her, but you will never be able to top her. Now you will get to see the true twist of the knife. She finally breaks the curse she has kept away all her life. Her strength, determination, and composure are gone, but so is her will to conquer death. Although her moves are less predictable, they are also easier to avoid. This is a well-deserved second chance. Although it might seem cheap, the duelling level gives us the opportunity to try our best until we win. You can see the victory in action in the embedded video.

Malena was my most difficult boss in Elden Ring. It was the only boss where I felt compelled summoning other players. It was also one the most interesting encounters in the game. Elden Ring has dozens upon dozens bosses. Most of them are optional, and only a few feel cheap (looking at Glintstone Dragon). Even when I’m not doing well, I still find it interesting.

I feel like it’s a reset button when a boss doesn’t defeat me on my first attempt. It’s a chance for me to rethink my strategy and build. Malenia did not require me to change my weapon or class, but I did exchange talismans in order to think more deeply about how my weapon can be used. I learned a lot from fighting her. It helped me become a better fighter for the rest. Melania learned from her own hardships that peace can only be made by making sacrifices. Death isn’t defeat. You can lose runes, but you can always get it back. Learning and conquering challenges is a joy once you begin to see the game’s enemies less as obstacles than they are. There will always be frustration. We are all human. We all reach a breaking point, just like Malenia.

When facing Elden Ring, the most difficult foe, my advice is to take breaks and summon help if necessary. Also, rethink your game. “I have never experienced defeat” – these are her words. As long as you keep learning and don’t quit, you won’t be defeated.

FromSoftware’s Toughest Boss in ‘Elden Ring’ Is Also One of Their Best Ever Enemies
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