Apex Legends Leaks - 5 Big Leaks You Must Know

Apex Legends Leaks – 5 Big Leaks You Must Know

Apex Legends Leaks - 5 Big Leaks You Must Know

Apex Legends Leaks – 5 Big Leaks You Must Know


Leaks in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale Apex legends are so frequent and frequent, one could even claim they’re part of the game. It would be difficult to find one week in the past three years when information about the free-to-play shooter hasn’t leaked. Dataminers are always on the alert, ready to take apart the game’s latest updates. The devs know this and even planted a fake Legend in the game’s files, to give data miners pause about Season 4.

Things are much more lively than usual this week in /r/ApexUncovered, a subreddit dedicated to Apex leaks. An anonymous user posted the largest Apex Legends leak. If you want to avoid spoilers, this is your last chance to run before we dive into the contents of those leaks.

What was the Apex Legends leak?

1. The Next 9 Legends

The names of the next nine characters who will join the character queue are revealed, similar to Apex’s first leak of the Legend roster.

Conduit – Empathic Shielder

Scryer – “Haunting Stalker”

Newcastle – “Mobile Defender.”

Uplink – “Satellite Savior.”

Vantage – “Survivalist sniper”

Catalyst, “Creative Builder”

Phantom – “Agile Assassin”

Jester – “Tricky Trapper”

Caliber – “Apex Arms Dealer.”

These names could be placeholders. None of the new characters feature 3D models in their portraits. However, many full-body models of these characters have been discovered.

While most new characters have concept art, Season 13’s Legend, Conduit, has a 3D model DUMMIE of a firing range. This will likely preserve the Legend’s mystery until the very last moment. “Jester” has no portrait, and “Caliber”, meanwhile, uses Fuse’s Legendary “Broseidon” skin as a placeholder for a portrait that is both stylish and funny.

2. A Dead Guy

There’s a lot you can say about the new Legends group, but the name that comes to mind is Scryer. Respawn introduced Commander Scryer to Apex players in “Gridiron” – Bangalore’s episode on the Stories from the Outlands YouTube series.

Scryer’s death is the most important thing you need to know. Bangalore and her brother shot the man with their own data knife. He was quite aware of the situation. It is possible to assume that Scryer, as seen in the leaks, is a placeholder. This may be true, but it is possible that Scryer was a placeholder. Given Respawn’s propensity to bring characters like Crypto’s sister Mila and Mad Maggie back from the dead, and the fact that Scryer’s roster portrait looks somewhat similar to his Gridiron appearance, it is safe to assume that Scryer will join Bangalore and her friends in Season 14. It’s not clear how he survived. Perhaps data knives aren’t sharp enough for piercing plot armour.

The placeholder portrait shows a man who appears to have a damaged right eye and is oozing a blueish-blue substance. Scrying is a type of divination that involves looking into a specific medium (such as a crystal ball) in order to see the future. This new Legend may not be Scryer, but it could indicate that they have vision-based abilities like Bloodhound or foresight. Like Bloodhound, he’s also classified as a tracker class Legend. The description of the IMC Commander as “Haunting Stalker” suggests that he may have been brought back from death. He may also be partly robotic since Stalkers were robotic soldiers used by IMC during the Frontier War, Titanfall 2.

3. Heartbreaking Banga-Lore

A portion of Season 13’s plot was leaked. This includes animated dialogue exchanges between Wraith, Bangalore, as they continue to search for the truth about IMC and their collective past as ex-IMC employees.

This is the Apex story. It’s as spoilery as you can get. Click at your own risk. Keep some tissues close by.

4. There are a lot of game footage, and The First Mobile Legend?

The detail is what sets this Apex leak apart, aside from its sheer size. Last time we had a Legend roster leak, there were only a few blurry concept art portraits of the characters and some codenames. We have 3D models, detailed concept art and, best of all, gameplay footage that reveals all their abilities.


Although the roster may only show 2D concept art, many characters’ 3D full body models have already been leaked. Legends change frequently from their conception to their official debut. Wraith was for example rebuilt from scratch over ten times during Apex’s initial development.

Respawn stated that Apex Legends Mobile players will be able to access “mobile first” Legends in the future. These Legends are primarily designed for mobile play and may not be available to non-mobile players. It’s possible that Newcastle, the new character “Newcastle”, may be the first to launch Apex’s mobile version. He has a 3D model and a unique intro animation. His abilities include a mobile drone shield that will make any Lifeline main jealous.

5. Next Season’s Legend: Conduit

Although we don’t know much about the Legend of Season 5, Respawn developers did give us one hint: Conduit is a support Legend. He was the first to join the squad after Loba in Season 5. After the new recruits are in, Conduit, Lifeline, and Loba will be joined by Phantom, Caliber, and Conduit. Jester’s profile is still completely unfinished, so it’s not clear what their class, abilities and appearance are.

Conduit’s official description in-game, “Empathic Shielder”, doesn’t provide much information. It tells us that they are a presumably kind-hearted person (or robot), with a shield. This sounds very similar to Gibraltar. However, a closer look at Conduit’s abilities paints a clearer picture of the Legend.

Passive Capacitance Conduit
Regenerates shield over time. Each ally will receive extra regen. Friendly banners are a bonus! Get them back in the fight!

Tactical : Arc Flash
Target allies are healed (at the expense of some of your shields). Release to fire, hold on to the target.

Ultimate: Alternative Current
Conduit launches an arc cluster bomb that damages the shields of those who are near the blasts. Based on the amount of damage done, heal conduit shields.

Today’s leaks clearly show the path Apex will take over the next two-years. Season 13 will launch in May and fans will need to wait to find out more about Conduit. One thing is certain, however: Wattson would be thrilled to have another human lightning rod join her next season. They may have already been friends and are currently exchanging BFF bracelets.

Apex Legends Leaks – 5 Big Leaks You Must Know
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